We offer the Bunks in 3 Different Ways:

Complete Lifetime Feed Bunks ® :

A 24", 26" or 30" heavy steel pipe is split in half, then two 8⅝" pipe legs and two end caps are welded on and drain holes are cut in each end. The Bunk is ready to be delivered and never needs replacement.

Lifetime Feed Bunks ® without End Cap:

These can be used for continuous feed lines of unlimited length. You can set these bunks fast and easy because they interlock by overlapping them just a couple of inches, fitting very snugly, one right inside of the other. Therefore you can move temporary feed lines to fresh dry ground very quickly.

Pipe Split in Half, Edges Smooth:

This allows you to weld them to your steel cattle pens or to use in many other applications. With the pipe splits you can get a lot more weight and footage on a truck for long distance hauling, up to 1,100 feet. You can basically take the split and build anything you want because 80% of the work is already done.

Material Used to Make Feed Bunks
  Outside Diameter Wall Thickness
Pipe used to make troughs 24"/26"/30"

9/32" to 5/16"

Pipe used to make legs 8 5/8" 1/4"
Steel plate used to make ends   1/4"